A Great Look: White Walls & Big Art in the Bedroom

A dramatic bedroom design is relatively easy to achieve when you go with this classic combination – stark white walls and one or two pieces of big, beautiful artwork. As the photos (from some of our favorite magazines) in this gallery show, its a pretty perfect mix of calm simplicity and that undefinable “wow” factor.

Shown above, left to right:

A trade off to this decor plan? To really make this look work, you need to commit to going fairly minimal with other decor, patterns and colors, letting the artwork “carry” that part of the room.

If you can live with that, otherwise its pretty much all about scale and balance. The key here is getting the dimensions right – the artwork should be really oversized. A good rule of thumb is that the artwork (either one piece or two in combination) be approximately the width of the bed to maintain the balance and dramatic look.

Does anyone have a room like this at home? If so, let us know about it in the comments below – links to photos are welcome!

(Images: 1. Living Etc., 2. Simon Upton/Elle Decor, 3. Living Etc., 4. Ken Hayden/Metropolitan Home, 5. Tim Street Porter, Metropolitan Home)