A Green Plea to Home Depot

A Green Plea to Home Depot

Jonathan B.
Jul 11, 2008

As a rule, we try to be helpful, in life in general and in our posts here at Re-nest. So, it is with that in mind that we implore thee, Home Depot:

Kindly do not advertise your Eco Options program on tattered sheets of copy paper taped to the checkstand. That the piece of paper is recyclable is no excuse. We're all for getting the word out that CFLs can now be recycled at Home Depot. In fact, we've blogged about it right here at Re-nest. And though it's a hollow compliment, we must admit that most of the signage in your stores looks better than this.

If you'd care to invest in some proper signage—the kind that will last for more than a few days—we could get behind that. But here's a free, 100% green idea that doesn't involve cutting down any trees, or running up your graphic design bill.

Engage the customer and invite them to think about sustainability. Have your checkers ask the customer if they know they need to recycle CFLs because they contain mercury, and then let the customer know that they can bring any CFL bulb back to the store. We'd welcome this kind of interaction, or, really, any indication the checker is indeed a human being, the next time we've made it through the long lines at Home Depot.

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