A Green Success: The Paper Towels are Gone!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It was one of those things that happened without much fanfare. In fact, it happened, and it took us a few months to realize it had happened. We bought a pack of Trader Joe’s Super Amazing Kitchen Cloths close to 7 months ago and decided to end (or at least limit) our paper towel addiction. But, of course, we still had a huge stack of rolls from Costco.

“When we run out of those,” we said, “we’ll really give them up.” So we used the paper towels we had sparingly, until one day they were gone…

Then, when we spilled something on the counter, we looked for the paper towels and they weren’t there — so we reached for a rag. When we needed a napkin, we grabbed a cloth one. Sometimes it was annoying not to have a paper towel.

We told ourselves we’d buy a roll or two to have on hand “just in case.”

And then time passed, and we didn’t. And we forgot we had ever needed paper towels in the first place.

The End