A Greener (and More Comfy) Pillow

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve never laid your weary head to rest on a buckwheat-filled pillow, you are missing something.

Like memory foam, but a lot less high tech, a buckwheat pillow comforms to the shape of your head and neck, providing better support and more natural alignment of your cervical spine.

Many people find that a buckwheat pillows alleviates the neck pain they are accustomed to waking with after a night on a feather or poly-filled pillow.

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We had the best sleep of our life on a buckwheat pillow while traveling in Japan, where it is ubiquitous. They’ve been sleeping on buckwheat there for centuries. According to the Greener Guide, buckwheat is a very green crop, and has benefits for the allergy-prone:

“Buckwheat is a pesticide-free crop and requires very little fertilizer…It’s also naturally pest-resistant, good news for sufferers of dust-mite allergies.”

Serenity Pillows makes a premium buckwheat pillow, the Organic Rejuvenation Pillow. They surround the fill with a thick layer of Eco Wool and encase the whole thing in organically grown cotton. You can adjust the amount of the fill yourself: more fill is better for a side sleeper, less for a back sleeper.

$69.99 at Serenity Pillows.