A Greener Way to Scoop Poop

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Holy crap! Well, you’d think it was holy, as we’ve been fanatically collecting it in corn-based biodegradable bags that cost ten cents a pop.
From the Chicago Tribune comes a better solution: bags in bulk from Nebraska’s Brenmar Co. They’re still biodegradable, but they come at a much more reasonable price: about 3 cents each. As they’re standard-sized plastic bags, they’re also a lot bigger than the biobags. These will break down in a few years in a regular landfill, which is where most dog poop ends up, as it usually can’t be put out with compost.

After last week’s post on plastic versus paper, we realized it was time to shift away from plastic bags at the supermarket; the only reason we chirped “plastic” was to assure a limitless supply of poop bags. This solution isn’t perfect, and it most certainly isn’t free, but it will work… at least until we can convince our market to switch over to biodegradable bags!

Thanks to Joan for the tip!

Image by josh0620 via sxc.hu