A Headset for Busy People: BlueAnt Q2

A Headset for Busy People: BlueAnt Q2

Product: BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset
Price: $129.99
Rating: Recommend*
Searching for the right headset for your phone? Is background noise a constant problem while multitasking? Perhaps the Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset is for you. We took this headset through its paces as we tested just how well this device holds up to power users.

The Q2 is small and has the same shape and size that is common with other Bluetooth headsets. The earpiece has removable molds for different sized ears, but thanks to my tiny ears the smallest would not fit properly. The surface of the device is smooth and has a button and on/off switch. The position of the buttons is slightly awkward if you have average/ to large sized fingers. While I had no problems with the position of the buttons, my father, who has larger hands than I, did have difficulty with the switch and buttons when the headset was on/in his ear.

Inside of the packaging is an wall adapter and USB cable, this cable can plug into the wall adapter or charge the headset via USB. Since the USA suitable plug just slid into the adapter, it made us wonder if changing the plug for other regions was just as easy or if this feature was more for easier packing.

As we mentioned earlier, the size of the earpiece made testing a little challenging. While we did use the device for several calls, we decided to turn it over to another tester, my dad, to get a second opinion on the headset. The tests were done using Skype on the iPad, Skype, FaceTime and cellular calls on two iPhone 4s. While I did find the call quality to be pretty great, I did not find the headset to be comfortable thanks to my diminutive ears. My dad, who ran this headset through its paces while doing various activities indoors and outdoors such as riding a motorcycle, woodworking, and household errands, did find the headset extremely comfortable to wear. He also liked the battery life, which averaged at around 4.5 hours of talk time which is superior to other headsets he has tried. My dad is a bit of a headset aficionado and one of his biggest gripes about this headset was the lack of an app for the iPhone or a more functional one for Android, like the one from Sound ID which has a variety of functions like "Find My Headset."

Setting up the headset and importing contacts into the device was a breeze. We both found the sound quality to be great and it held up well even when working outside. I was pleasantly surprised just how easy it was to hear calls while walking around busy Manhattan streets. The other great feature especially for busy multitaskers is that the phone can be about 30 feet away from the headset before there is any loss of call quality. This is great for those people who put the phone in a safe spot while doing work that might get messy like cooking or sawing.

Another benefit to having two testers is that we noticed our experience using the voice control features were not at all similar. While the Q2 had difficulty understanding my commands it had zero qualms about taking instructions from my father. He loved using the headset with Bing and thought it performed much better than similarly priced headsets. For the record, neither of us has a strong regional accent, although my father's does betray a bit of time spent in the Northeast United States.

- small, lightweight design
- call quality
- easy set up
- good battery life
- depending on your accent, voice commands work well

- button and switch placement
- earpiece size
- no app like Sound ID
- depending on your accent, voice commands might not work well

The Bottom Line (& Who Should Buy):
The Q2 is overall a great headset if you have average or above average sized ears. The call quality is superb and depending on your accent, voice commands can work really well. The range of the headset is fantastic making it perfect for those who take calls and do not have their phone in their pocket. We love how far we are able to leave the phone and still maintain clear calls. Our only reservations from giving this device a higher recommendation is that it should fit a larger range of ears, understand voice commands a bit better, and have a useful app for both the iOS and Android platform.

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(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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