A Healthier & Happier Home Checklist: Ideas Worth Including in Every Home

A Healthier & Happier Home Checklist: Ideas Worth Including in Every Home

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 24, 2014
(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

Our surroundings have a huge effect on our thoughts, emotions and attitudes. It's not just about what a home looks like...it's about how a home feels. And how your home feels can have an impact on your overall state of happiness. So what does a home that makes you happy and healthy contain? There are 12 physical things every home should have, but what about intangible things? Consider including these ideas in every space you call home.

Colors that work for the level of energy you need/want
This takes knowing a bit about yourself and your personal style and energy levels to get right. If you love a calming, peaceful room, you might not want to infuse it with too many bold colors — wall paint or furniture color. And if you find yourself with constant low energy levels, you might consider bumping the color palette up a bit.

Comfortable furnishings that match your functional needs (and nothing extra)
It's important that you know how it is you need to use your space — and then support those needs by finding furniture that lets you do activities efficiently. Is a furniture piece not working out for you? Don't keep it around even if it's a perfectly good piece. Put the effort into finding furniture that works for how you use the space.

Lots of natural lighting (and attention to making the artificial lighting as best it can be)
This isn't always possible, depending on where you live, but you should at least maximize what you do have.

An intentional lack of clutter
We talk about this a lot. It's because it's important. Stuff you don't need, stacked around you, piled around the house, saps your energy. Takes up precious time. Gets in the way. Makes you feel like you're not as organized or clean as you would like.

Great relationships between the people who live in it
Home is a sanctuary, and when there's tension between roommates, spouses and pets, home no longer feels like that safe, comfortable place you want to come home to. So work extra hard to keep communication open and expectations about cleaning and other home chores clear. Address problems as they arise. Give each other a break. Tell the other person you appreciate them.

Daily habits that add up over time
We're big fans of morning routines. Small actions. Intentional efforts that add up over time. Because many of us are after a cleaner, saner and more pleasant home experience, and one of the easiest ways to do that is not take some huge plunge into a foreign lifestyle; it's to make changes, small step by small step.

The pursuit of an evolving style
Getting to know yourself, what you like, what you like in a home — all worthy things to pursue when it comes to shaping a home that will make you your happiest.

An ongoing list of the things you're grateful for
Though we love inspiring folks to change what they can change about their home, just as important is not just coming to peace about what you can't change, but appreciating everything you do have.

This of course is just a list of a few ideas we think are worth including in your home. What would you add to this list?

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