A High End Apartment Renovation in Prague (Featuring an Apartment Therapy First)

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It’s fair to say that the bread and butter of what we do here at Apartment Therapy is show you real people in real homes and offer up tips for making the best of your home life, no matter your tax bracket. We also like to dip our toe into the pool of the aspirational, inspirational and occasionally, kind of out there. This home in Prague was designed to meet the needs of a client who knew exactly what she wanted, and that’s what it all comes down to isn’t it? Making the space right for you.

Describing the space and the initial meeting with the client, a lawyer and dancer, the members of COLL COLL knew this project would be distinctive and interesting: “It is in the ground floor of a unique modernist building overlooking the park with the pendulum. Rose bushes in front of the apartment’s single window. 60 square meters/646 square feet of intact interior, hexagonal tiles, parquet, rolling wooden shutters, integrated 1930s ceiling heating and only the one window. The two conditions are a pole and an exhibit for the shoe collection.”

Taking into consideration how much the client would using certain spaces they re-thought the layout of the apartment to maximize the limited light and increase utility. “Reshuffling the original layout helps us open up the flat. Bedroom instead of bathroom, bathroom instead of kitchen, and the new kitchen aligned on the axis of the living space. The glazed partition that was originally in the hall helps bring daylight to the bathroom, tiles from the kitchen cover up the scars on the bedroom floor. Knowing that the kitchen won’t be used much, we decided to hide the sink in the cupboards.”

Towards the end of the project they got one last design wish from their client, “somewhat shy she asks for a bath tub: ‘You know those ones on the little lion feet. In the living room. Would it be possible?’ Who could resist?”

Builder: Ladislav Voldán
Model: Bonnie Santanico
Photography: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma


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