A Homemade Dollhouse Turns Scrap into Gold

A Homemade Dollhouse Turns Scrap into Gold

Richard Popovic
Aug 24, 2011

When you think of Barbie's dream house, a certain style, size and opulence usually comes to mind. Build that house in the real world, however, and it would be not only overdone to the point of tacky but environmentally irresponsible. This is why it is always refreshing to see thoughtful design and sustainable materials incorporated into a dollhouse, introducing kids to a different way of thinking about housing, use of space and impact on the environment. How would Barbie fare in a house such as this? Evidently, quite well.

Tiffanie over at Corner Blog is a licensed architect 'currently specializing in motherhood and housewifery,' as she so sweetly puts it. She recently built her daughter Stella a dollhouse and challenged herself to only use materials from SCRAP-SF, a local clearinghouse for all types of useful scrap and salvaged items.

Employing a very open design, the house's four large rooms can be accessed from all sides and easily allows multiple people to play inside at the same time. One of Tiffanie's goals was to teach her daughter about scale, so what serves as a kitchen counter for her larger dolls becomes an upper shelf for her smaller ones and a coconut-shell in the bathroom can serve as either a bathtub or a potty, depending on which doll is using the facilities.

We love the yardstick as a countertop, the inventive use of flooring samples and the artfully placed translucent tile that effortlessly conveys the idea of a bathroom. The entire structure is full of clever and thoughtful design features that Stella will surely appreciate for years to come.

More photos and information can be found over at Corner Blog.

(Images by Tiffanie/Corner Blog)

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