A Lap Desk Could Save You From "Toasted Skin" Syndrome

A Lap Desk Could Save You From "Toasted Skin" Syndrome

Taryn Williford
Oct 5, 2010

We all know that uncomfortable heat that comes from the bottom of a hot laptop computer. But we've never considered it very dangerous. It turns out, you're risking more than burns by leaving your computer on your lap—Swiss researchers have found yet another case of a heat-induced skin condition, "toasted skin syndrome."

Spend a lot of time on your laptop? Make sure you're using some kind of heat barrier.

Researchers studying the case of a gaming 12-year-old boy—he liked to play video games on his laptop for a few hours every day for several months—have found that he's the youngest case of "toasted skin syndrome."

"Toasted skin syndrome," first discovered in 2004, is characterized by discolored sponge-patterned skin caused by long-term heat exposure. It is usually harmless, but it can make your skin permanently dark. (Click here if you'd like to see what toasted skin syndrome looks like.)

To keep yourself safe, make sure you're not working with your laptop on your bare legs for a long period of time. If you're going to get into a marathon gaming session like this boy, make sure you grab a laptop tray or pad.

Whether you want to DIY a tray or buy a super-pro laptop cooling desk, just make sure you get something between your legs and that hot laptop. Pictured in this post are the Philips Notebook Cushion With Built-in Speaker and this In-Bed Laptop Riser From a Cheap Ikea Benjamin Stool.

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