A Letter To True: Bruce Weber Does Dogs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Woof! One of the most humanizing elements of our city are Dogs (sorry, Cats). An integral part of apartment life, believe it or not, we spend countless hours and dollars taking care of these lovely creatures, despite the fact that the city doesn’t co-operate easily.

In keeping with our love, we stumbled upon Bruce Weber’s new film, A Letter To True, about his dogs (one of which is named True), and then discovered it reviewed in today’s Times:
Chasing Puppy Innocence in a Pit Bull World. The word is all thumbs up, though you will have to deal with the fact that Bruce Weber is, as always, “radically sentimental.” Yes, Lassie makes an appearance.

The film opens today at the Film Forum and shows through the 21st. MGR