A Light Switch Only a "Mac" Could Love

A Light Switch Only a "Mac" Could Love

Taryn Williford
Apr 16, 2012

So you already have an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, two Apple TVs, an iPad and three iPods. But you still don't feel complete. You long for another way to show the world how much you love Apple (you've hit the Kool-Aid, hard). We'd like to suggest two things: Rehab, and these one-of-a-kind designer lightswitches made to mimic the look of a MacBook Pro's keyboard.

Your fingers probably spend more time tapping computer keys than they do flipping off light switches. So Italian design house PLH decided to replace a basic light switch with a more common 21-st century control interface: keyboard keys.

Keyboard is a new line of light switch plates that replaces the traditional lighting interface with something known and widespread: the computer keyboard, with the idea of interaction and control of home lighting fixtures.

Black coated push-button controls, laser-engraved to look just like the keys of a keyboard, sit on top of a micro-pebbled aluminum base. The whole thing fits over a standard 502 switch box.

The only problem? Well, you'll have to call up PLH to get one. And, as they say, if we have to ask how much it costs, we probably can't afford it.

In the meantime, there's still plenty of other (more inexpensive) ways to bring a little bit of Mac Style to your home:

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(Images: Moco Loco via Gizmodo)

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