A List of Great DIY Tips from HomeLife

A List of Great DIY Tips from HomeLife

Jess Watson
Feb 18, 2010

Home Hacks 2010 has presented us all with a plethora of great home DIY ideas as well as tutorials on everything from replacing a kitchen faucet to dying fabrics with coffee and tea. In honor of the spirit of the month, we found this great list of quick and easy tips to make your bigger DIY projects a bit easier.

HomeLife of Australia posted a list of the "Best Ever DIY Tips." Here are a handful of our favorites from the list:

  • Don't waste water by washing paintbrushes and rollers in between coats. Instead, wrap tightly in plastic cling film and they will stay moist – even overnight.
  • Use dental floss to quiet a dripping tap until you can get it fixed. Tie one end of the floss around the tap and the other end of the dental floss down the drain. The drips travel along the thread instead of dripping into the sink.
  • Teasing a thread free and then pulling completely out from cotton and linen fabrics will create a straight line that you can follow to cut.
  • Add two teaspoons of vanilla essence to a half gallon of paint to reduce overbearing paint smells.
  • To remove small dents in unvarnished wood, wet the area with a small amount of water then cover with brown paper and apply a hot iron for a short period. The heat evaporates the water, while the steam expands the squashed wood fibers back to their original level.

To see all 15 of the great tips, visit HomeLife.

Do you have any of your own great DIY tips to share? Any solutions you've been searching for?

(Image credit: faungg / CC BY-ND 2.0)

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