A Lovely Home Grown Lego Party

When it comes to birthday parties, once all the fun and games are over, where do all the kids end up? In the Lego bin! So when Kirsten’s son was getting ready to turn 8, she decided to make it the entire theme from the start. The whole party is diy from the ground up and, truth be told, we can’t decide which is our favorite part.

You can find Kirsten and the full lowdown on this fabulous birthday bash at KirstenCan, where all facets of the day were recorded. Kids were checked into the party by the older sister and given builder badges to wear while in attendance.

The table cloth on the party table was stamped with a marker cap in dark green paint to create the look of the base Lego building boards and the effect is wonderful. Yellow bags had faces drawn on for parting gifts and folded to look just like a Lego head. Inside was a coloring book that was printed and hand stapled and all sorts of other fun things.

If we had to choose just one thing to love the most about this day, it’s the use of a folding table as a car ramp. Make sure you head over to KirstenCan to check it out for sure (though it’s a close tie to the photograph invitations of their own Lego men)!

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(Image: Flickr member kirstencan by permission)