A Love Song for a Cat

A Love Song for a Cat

Regina Yunghans
Sep 10, 2008


One of our favorite love songs, and it's meant for a cat! The AT On: Housepets and Homelife post and readers' comments made us think of the Red House Painters song, Wop-a-Din-Din. Its lyrics exemplify the warmth added to home life shared with a devoted pet...

She's got big green eyes And a long Egyptian face She moves across the floor At her own pace When I'm here in bed She'll jump up on my chest And when we lock eyes there's so much love I wanna cry

She comes in near
When I scratch under her ear
And she lifts her head
When I kiss around her neck

Won't go to sleep
When she falls along my side
And two green eyes fade
To a porcelain marble white
And somehow when I sleep
She'll end up at my feet
And if I roll and kick her out
I might knock her to the ground
But she'll come back anyhow

The morning comes
She squints up to shield out the sun
And she'll go and lay
In the warmest dusty rays
And I hold her face
She lays perfectly in place
And she'll yawn and stretch
And stare me down expressionless
And lay back down into her nest

And if someone calls
She'll race me out the hall
When she hears the phone
Then she knows I'm leaving home
She don't wanna be alone

And I know it's wrong
That I'm going away so long
And for her it's rough
I can't be with her enough
But I'll never give her enough

We encourage you to give Wop-a-Din-Din a listen: it'll have you in tears over how much you love your cat. The song is on Red House Painters' 2001 album, Old Ramon. Photo: Flickr

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