A Mac-Shelf Desk: Succinct & Perfect For Your Mac

A Mac-Shelf Desk: Succinct & Perfect For Your Mac

Range Govindan
Apr 22, 2010

If you're limited in space, using a shelf as a desk is a great way to maximize the use of the available square-footage of your home. It's also very relevant, since most people are letting go of desktops and concentrating on their shiny new MacBooks instead.

Flickr user Beebop9000 was inspired by this type of workstation that he saw in home technology blogs. These desks are basically hacked shelves to support the weight of your workstation. It's a lot easier to manage if you're only dealing with a notebook instead of a full desktop.

His new apartment space was only 550 square feet. This means that his massive desk wasn't going to fit in it, no matter what he tried. Beebop9000 sometimes works from home, so he needed a compact workstation for his new place. On Craigslist, he found a folding Ikea chair, an Apple wired keyboard and mouse, as well as Rain Design's mStand for his Macbook Pro.

From IKEA, he got brackets, a wall shelf cut to 32", a keyboard mount which he hacksawed so that it would sit flush, a Galant cable management system (or he could have used a Signum), as well as a power strip, which he zip-tied and taped with double-sided tape to the bottom right part of the desk. When not in use, the chair tucks away neatly underneath the desk-shelf, maximizing the available space for other uses.

[via Lifehacker, photos by Beebop9000]

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