A Marvelous Mailbox That’s Pretty In Pink

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even though kids of all ages know what email is these days, we’re still fond of the idea of snail mail. The actual art and thought put into a letter or surprise always brightens your day. Over in this playroom, this mailbox is the holding spot for letters, rocks and toys shared back and forth between sisters.

Megan over at Penny Carnival found this mailbox at a Thrift Store and at the time, it looked like it had seen better days. She let her girls help out with a little pink spray paint and their mission was accomplished. One secret letter delivery system accomplished.

Now the girls leave each other letters, notes, pictures, toys and even rocks in their shared creation. We hope their love for each other stays as strong once boys and school comes into the picture. It’s a great idea for any play space, even a family living room where you could leave your entire family notes. Add a flag and they’ll know when new mail is in the box!

Image: Flickr member pennycarnival tagged with Ohdeedoh