A New Brewery-Slash-Hotel Will Have In-Shower Beer Fridges

published Mar 4, 2017
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If you’ve been known to indulge in the occasional (or perhaps daily) shower beer, we have a hotel for you. Scottish brewery BrewDog is crowdfunding a new hotel in Ohio that will be right up your alley.

The new hotel, called the DogHouse, will be attached to the company’s just-opened Columbus brewery and is set to debut alongside their new sour beer program in Q3 2018. Beer tourists will find some unique features meant to fully immerse them in the world of craft beer: not only will rooms overlook the sour beer foeders with smell of malt filling the air, but the beer is on tap right in the room, every bathroom has an in-shower beer fridge, and there will be a hot tub filled with IPA in the Luxury Suite. Yes, you read that right—a beer hot tub.

Obviously, you can’t have a beer hotel without food. The brewery plans “beer infused breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with beers paired to every course.” And if you just need to relax and get pampered, even the spa is beer-themed; expect craft beer spa treatments “with bespoke hop oils (to emulate your favorite beers) and malted barley massages, as well as a ‘hoppy feet’ pedicure.” And hops has its health benefits; WebMD lists anxiety, sleeplessness, tension, and cramps as symptoms hops is used to treat.

BrewDog is known for its grand public stunts; you may remember them from End of the World, the 55% ABV beer that was, creepily, sold inside a taxidermied squirrel and which returned to the news last year by asking $20,000 per bottle.

DogHouse won’t be the first beer-themed hotel; there’s the Dogfish Inn in Delaware, opened by local favorite Dogfish Head last year, and Stone Brewing has their own hotel planned for early 2018 in San Diego.

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