A New Designer Manifesto for 2012: Stop Designing Chairs!

A New Designer Manifesto for 2012: Stop Designing Chairs!

Cambria Bold
Dec 12, 2011

Does the world really need another chair design? Eero Yli-Vakkuri and Jesse Sipola of Ore.e Ref. don't think so. They've launched a challenge for designers all over the world: don't design a chair in 2012! As they write: "We believe that the world already has enough chairs. Designing new ones only takes time away from renovating the ones we already have. Consider this the ultimate challenge for you to rethink how sustainable design should be manifested. If not that... then think about the amount of time you'll save when you don't have to design chairs for a year! See a video below:

Check out the video above for a step-by-step guide on how NOT to design chairs.

As Fast Company's Co.Design blog writes, behind the lighthearted tone is a serious effort to address our views on sustainability and designing for the good of people and the planet... which sometimes means not designing anything at all:

Design redundancy is tricky to untangle. The discipline of design is about building on previous knowledge and finding cleverer solutions to problems. Can you decide if a problem is solved well enough? Sometimes, things which seem to be solved aren't and a better solution is waiting to be found. Consider the Aeron chair, a device that genuinely helped the ergonomics of countless office workers. That said, in the context of a demented economy that's in the midst of wrecking the planet, there's a real value to spending some time considering when enough is enough. (emphasis added)

Via Co.Design

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(Image: Paola Pivi via Co.Design)

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