Kirei Bamboo Board: A New Look for Bamboo Countertops

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love, love, love the feel and eco-friendliness of bamboo countertops, but we haven’t always imagined that the distinct bamboo color would work for our particular taste in kitchenware and we also dream of someday having bright white subway tiles accented by dark countertops. Enter the new Kirei Bamboo board: it’s called Chocolate…

Thanks to Kirei’s “deep carbonizing process,” this bamboo gets a sleek new look. Kirei is committed to environmental sustainability, so the new chocolate bamboo comes with a low- or no-added-VOC promise and is harvested ethically.

With this new color option, our dream kitchen has this chocolate bamboo at the top of our wish list.

For more information about the new bamboo products, check out Kirei’s website here.

(Images: Kirei Bamboo)