A Perfectly Pixelated Valentine's Day Date

A Perfectly Pixelated Valentine's Day Date

Taryn Williford
Feb 9, 2011

How do you know you're in love with a geek? Apparently it's the moment when you've finished your first movie together and he starts pointing out plot loopholes. If you're planning on showering your geek with love this Valentine's Day, why not take him on a perfectly pixelated 8-bit date night? Here's all the gear you need.

Want to plan the perfect night in for your geeky boy or girl this V-Day? Don't waste your cash on roses and chocolate. All you need is a frozen pizza and these fantastically pixelated pieces:

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  • First you both ought to freshen up. 8-bit boys can get geeky in an almost office-appropriate 8-bit blue striped tie ($14.99, Think Geek) and a black or white 8-bit styled, stainless-steel-faced wristwatch ($69.99, Think Geek).
  • Ladies, get cute for your cupid with an 8-bit red hair bow ($9.99, Think Geek). You'll look hotter than Ms. Pacman.
  • When your sweetie arrives at your door, you won't want to greet 'em with boring dead flowers. Give them this 8-bit flower bouquet instead ($14.99, Think Geek). It's as if you're saying, "My geek love for you will last forever."
  • Next, you'll want to let your valentine get comfortable and hang their coat. But if you really want to show them the night they're in for, replace your sticky wall hooks with this pixelated cursor hanger instead ($19.99, Think Geek).
  • Then it's time to start cooking. Pop that frozen pizza into the toaster oven with your 8-bit oven mitt ($24.99, Think Geek). Make sure your honey sees you in the kitchen with it on, because if they don't see how much thought you've put into this whole pixel theme, they might be mad at you for making them toaster pizza for Valentine's Day.

  • Once dinner's ready, plop down on your pixelated couch so you both can enjoy this V-Day feast (Call for prices, Moroso). But make sure not to drip any melty cheese on the sofa because it's probably hella expensive.
  • And while you're protecting your furniture, take care of table rings with these customizable pixel coasters ($8 USD, 25Togo).
  • Now, once your love realizes you've spent a house down payment on a pixelated sofa and only $5 on Valentine's Day dinner, they'll probably leave in a hurry mumbling something about their sick Grandmother. But you can still finish the night off right. Fall asleep in this pixelated sleeping eye mask ($24, Design Boom) while you pray that Grandma's OK and dream about the next geeky date with your Valentine.
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