A Philadelphia Rowhouse Renovation:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Philadelphia homeowners Michael and Thomas remodeled several rooms in their home and Philadelphia Home was there to capture the finished product. Some serious renovations were accomplished — including pushing the ceiling up to eight feet — all while staying true to the historic elements of the house.

Michael and Thomas needed to bring in some reinforcement, so they brought in architect Cara Carroccia to help in their master bedroom. She realized that raising the ceiling to eight feet would really open up the attic space and give them the extra room they needed. Then they had all the room they needed to add personal touches to the wall and find ample room for storage.

The bathroom remodel was genius as well — the homeowners utilized small fixtures to maximize space in a cramped space. The window helps make the room look larger, and the wood floor is a great touch.

Philadelphia Home also featured Michael and Thomas’ workspace. The transformation in the workspace is a great example of how combining tastes and aesthetics can really work! Check out Philadelphia Home’s Super Size article to see the workspace.

1 New Bathroom utilizes small fixtures to maximize space.

2 Master Bedroom with new high ceilings.

3 The kitchen needed to “flow” to fit their cooking needs.

(Images: Philadelphia Magazine Photographer: Trevor Dixon)