A Plan & Budget for Mini Renovations by OA

Architect: Aniket Shahane of OA: Office of Architecture
Location: Brooklyn, New York

For budget-conscious first-time home owners in Brooklyn, Aniket Shahane of Office of Architecture put together a long-term design plan that could be executed over time in a series of “mini-renovations” — Aniket explains the idea below…

Not having the time nor the finances to take on a major renovation project, a Brooklyn couple wanted to renovate their newly purchased 110-year-old rowhouse in a manner that would be quick and affordable. Office of Architecture (OA) proposed an overarching vision for the project to be executed over time through a series of smart, small, minimalist renovations.

This process has allowed the couple — who are also first time homeowners — the flexibility to renovate the house as their needs and finances evolve without compromising design. The various “mini-renovations” have involved everything from demolition of existing walls, reorganizing circulation, painting all walls white, redesign of backyard and renovation of the kitchen. All the mini-renovations had to work within strict time constraints. For example, the first mini-renovation (demolition and painting) was executed in the week between the couple’s house closing and move-in date. The third mini-renovation — the backyard — was executed over a Memorial Day weekend. OA’s goal on the interior and exterior with all the renovations was to provide a clean, minimal architectural backdrop for the couple’s already fascinating collection of vintage curios, books, and picture frames. More renovations are planned for the future including the second floor redesign.

Thanks Aniket!

Images: Raymond Adams Photography for Office of Architecture

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