A Portable Solution for LEGO Storage

A Portable Solution for LEGO Storage

Sarah Dobbins
Jan 30, 2012

If you're a parent to an elementary age (or older) kid, you know that LEGOS are a common sight around the house — on the dining room table, on the floor, on the coffee table… on just about every table in the house. My son loves to build where the family is — he's not crazy about going to a "LEGO table" in the corner of the house — so I needed to come up with a solution to our LEGO problem, to save our sanity, our organization, and the bottom of our feet.

I decided to make him a LEGO cart — this way, he can store all of his sets, pieces, and characters (as well as projects in progress), and he is free to work on the dining room table, the kitchen table, the coffee table — wherever the family is congregating. He can work where we are, and then when he's done, back on the cart it goes, and we can park it in its place (right now it parks in my office.)

I ordered this cart from Harbor Freight for around $50… a little pricey, but it's worth it to bring some order to our LEGO madness — plus, I can use it for lots of other purposes after we're out of the LEGO stage (or when our stash outgrows the cart — a frightening thought!)

We store loose pieces organized by color on the top shelf :

And a rimmed baking sheet holds the current project.

Other bins hold loose instructional booklets, other sets (bagged in gallon Ziploc bags with their booklets), and minifigures and accessories.

It's been a lifesaver for trying to keep our tabletops clutter-free, and it's a solution that works for him — he gets to hang out with the family while he builds!

(Images: Sarah Dobbins)

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