A Slightly Nerdy, But Awesome Way to Share Event Photos

A Slightly Nerdy, But Awesome Way to Share Event Photos

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 14, 2011

041411_qr1.jpgWe just found a clever way to use Dropbox to share photos from everyone at event parties. Sure, you could settle for Facebook's highly compressed photos, or you could have them all so you can pick and choose what photos belong in your own collection.

041411_qr4.jpgStep 1: Use Google Docs to create a form that asks for everyone's e-mail. Grab the URL. You'll need this to...

041411_qr2.jpgStep 2. Generate a QR code. There's tons out there, but we tend to use Kaywa's version. Paste in the URL of the Google Form you just created.

Step 3: Create a Dropbox folder for the event photos.

Step 4: Post the QR code on a large poster at the party, stating it'll be used to collect e-mails and give access to all the photos taken here tonight.

Step 5: Use the collected e-mails from the Google Form to send invites to the shared Dropbox folder.

Of course, there are a few issues here that we will quickly acknowledge. For one, it does require some know-how about the use of Dropbox and what the heck QR codes are. It also assumes you have an event with enough smart phone users where this could be useful.

We gave it a run at a recent local tech meetup and it was a huge success. Folks were courteous enough to create their own subfolders for their images and everything worked out fantastically. Everyone got to keep their full sized, print-quality images and it was a nice way to keep in touch with folks in the near future.

Let us know if this method works for you or if you have a better variation of it!

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