A Reader Recommendation for Productivity: Springpad

011111Springpad.jpgWe love when readers share their recommendations, and we noted Unplggd reader Jasmine left a glowing endorsement of an Evernote alternative in a recent post. Some good arguments of why Springpad might be worth a gander if you’re looking to organize your life:

I’m going to keep saying Springpad is a solid alternative to those who don’t quite enjoy Evernote. Each product is very good, but also very different. For example, Evernote works wonderfully as a filing system for information. Springpad works better as an organizer or personal assistant for that information… [continued below]

I did most of my Christmas shopping with Springpad, scanning barcodes and searching for products to add to my “Gifts” Notebook, and tagging each item with the person/people who’d like it. The app would give me alerts for better prices at other stores, as well as for deals.

I appreciate that it treats all my data differently: checklists can be checked off, single tasks can also be checked/unchecked, recipes have all the relevant information listed (ingredients, servings, etc.), and so on. And, no matter what type of note it is (whether it’s plain text, a grocery list, a product, or whatever), it can have alarms, images, and side-notes attached to it.

I don’t really forget things anymore. Not when Springpad on my phone is constantly reminding me of the billion things that I otherwise wouldn’t remember to do.