Getting Into and Out of a Real Mess

Getting Into and Out of a Real Mess

Abby Stone
Mar 16, 2012

I snapped this picture this morning when I walked back into my bedroom to get dressed. And this is only the bedroom. Like everyone else, I have my periods of being completely overwhelmed.

The rest of the house is just as bad. There's two weeks worth of shoes by the front door, almost all of my coffee cups (except the one I'm drinking from right now) and most of my forks and spoons are in the sink, waiting to be washed. There are papers piled all over the floor of the office to the tune of "I'm doing my taxes." There are three bags of recycling I haven't found time to walk the ten steps to the bin to discard, various bits and bobs of change, receipts, lip goo and business cards piled on my landing strip, not to mention the piles of laundry patiently waiting for their turn in the washer and dryer (though I did go so far as to sort it!).

I know I'm not this only one. I've got friends in the same predicament -- tight deadlines, overcommitted, an attack of the lazys -- and we've been iming pictures back and forth, comparing how messy we've gotten, one uping each other, putting each other into hysterics. "I'm so behind on my laundry, I'm nearing the bathing suit as undies red zone," was one message, followed by "the only reason my kitchen floor got cleaned is because I dropped a glass on it this morning," which should quickly shatter any illusions you might have that we're all clean and organized machines around here. We're not.

We're just as human as you are, fumbling to find methods that work for now, for later. But, as the Wizard of Oz said to the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow, I do have something you may not. I have resources. I can live this way temporarily, reveling in my messiness even, happy as a pig, because I know that it is temporary. I know that sometime this weekend, when I've met my deadlines, when the phones are quiet and the email is still, there will be an hour or so that I can devote to restoring order. I know where to start, I know how to regain my center. A little music, a little elbow grease and my home will be sweet again.

Did the Wizard really give Dorothy's companions anything more than a rolled up piece of paper, a heart shaped watch, a medal? Perhaps not. But what he did give them was faith, in themselves and in the future. Today you may have a messy home but if you can imagine a clean home, an inviting home, a home that welcomes you and your dreams and your friends and your family, you are more than halfway there.

Here are some tools to give you the faith to start you on your way to home. We're here to take you all the the way to Kansas.

(Image: Abigail Stone)

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