A Room of One’s Own: 3 Ways to Carve Out Some Space (Even In A Tiny Place)

published Jan 29, 2015
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If you share a small home with a partner, then chances are you don’t have a lot of space that is just for you to enjoy all by your lonesome. Here are a few ideas you may want to try to give yourself just a little more breathing room.

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Stagger when you’re home

Even crazy-in-love couples may need a few minutes (or hours) apart every day and it’s okay to talk about it. Try staggering your schedules to carve out some time when each of you gets to be alone in your apartment. Maybe your mate goes to the gym before work but he could switch to after work to give you a free hour at night. Maybe you can start going into the office early instead of getting a head start at home. There are always little tweaks that can give you some alone time.

Create a physical barrier

Just because you’re both home doesn’t mean you have to be interacting. It’s totally acceptable to close a door, close a curtain or unfurl a screen to give yourself the illusion that you’re alone while you think, meditate or just chill.

Create a mental barrier

If you really are squished in and need a minute to reflect, something as simple as putting on headphones with your favorite music may be enough to give you a little mental break. Or simply say to your partner that you need some quiet time sans interruptions and go sit in your favorite chair with your nose buried in a book. Works every time.