A Secretary of Food?

A Secretary of Food?

Amber Byfield
Dec 12, 2008

Here's something to gnaw on.

Regardless of politics, we're intrigued with the way food is handled in this country--we think there's plenty of room for improvement in the way our food system is set up, for health reasons and more importantly for sustainability reasons. Well, that's exactly what NYT columnist Nicholas Kristoff thinks... He goes so far to say that President-Elect Obama should drop the agriculture secretary (seeing as how we're now a nation of only 2% farmers) and appoint a secretary of food. The argument? That government should stop promoting unhealthy stuff like high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and give the public the tools they need to produce, well, good clean produce in the food sense of the word.

Sounds like a Slow Food Nation idea, doesn't it?

In Kristoff's piece, he says,

The need for change is increasingly obvious, for health, climate and even humanitarian reasons. California voters last month passed a landmark referendum (over the farm lobby's furious protests) that will require factory farms to give minimum amounts of space to poultry and livestock. Society is becoming concerned not only with little boys who abuse cats but also with tycoons whose business model is abusing farm animals.

What do you think? Would our food be better off if we had someone explicitly in charge that pushed the nation in the sustainable, healthy food direction?

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