A Simple Cheap Succulent Centerpiece

A couple weeks ago we talked about some simple DIY succulent centerpieces to try out for chic, but simple, dinner parties. We decided to try our hand at one and were thrilled with the results, and all for less than $12.

We ended up with three small arrangements in glass globes we found at the Salvation Army. In the large one we placed 3 succulents, and in each of the smaller ones, just one 1/2″ succulent. Here’s how the money was spent:

3 Glass Globes: $1.50
1 3″ potted succulent: $3.50
1 ‘volunteer’ from another pot of succulents on the balcony: free
3 1/2″ succulents: $6.32
Total: $11.32

Once we had all the ‘ingredients’ it took about 10 minutes to plant it all. The best part is that a week later, they’re still on the table, They haven’t dried up like flowers or lost their appeal like holiday-centric decor. It was $12 well spent and we’ll enjoy these for a long time.