A Small But Efficient Japanese Workstation

A Small But Efficient Japanese Workstation

Range Govindan
Jul 26, 2010

Not all home offices and workstations have a lot of room to work with. It's not always easy to use space efficiently, but as you will discover with experience, it is possible to use every single square foot if you've got a plan, and that's what Haku had when he rearranged his workstation.

Haku is a Japanese student in Yokohama and his current workstation is really a testament to organization. This small space contains a lot of stuff, including a synthesizer and three computer monitors. A metal rack shelf on the left of his desk helps him extend his workstation by housing peripherals and speakers. His desk includes a shelf on his right that towers high above to allow him to stack even more lighting and decorations. A floating bookshelf includes all of his favorite Stephen King novels. He stashed some peripherals under his desk, maximizing the available space for his workstation.

There is another small tray/desk right behind his chair, on the left, so that he can put his coffee down without worrying about spilling it all over his electronics. A plethora of different lamps, and anime figurines populate the rest of the space. The most recent update involved moving the monitors closer together, which is definitely a must if you are using them a lot and don't want to strain your neck too much. The monitor on the left is perfect for keeping your Facebook page or Twitter feed open so that you can glance at it from time to time.

Haku says that he's pretty much maximized the use of the available desk space. An improvement would be to get a bigger desk, streamline storage and peripherals, and coordinate the layout of his anime figurines.

[All photos by Haku]

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