A Small Change with Big Results: Adding a New FLOR Rug

A Small Change with Big Results: Adding a New FLOR Rug

Gregory Han
Oct 13, 2009

Our small apartment has reached the point where it's pretty much maximized for our lifestyle, with little room for additional furniture to be added without taking away from the roominess we covet in such a limited space. But that doesn't mean we've lost a desire to occasionally mix things up or refresh the look of the room. Sometimes a subtle or minimal change can redefine a room, without the need for something too costly or drastic...

We live on a limited and modest income, so that means any changes we wanted to make would have to require an affordable and easy solution (like our previous stairway project). We didn't want to repaint (yet), because that would likely include some drastic changes to our upholstery and furniture finishes to match our vision of a completely re-realized space. No, at this time, what we wanted was more of a refresh than a redo, and the easiest route we saw in accomplishing this was to change out the slightly worn for wear Target shag rug in the center of our living room.

The once fluffy light cream colour rug was several years old, a budget flooring solution that over time lost its texture and darkened with the constant foot traffic it endured day to day. Even in a no-shoes household, just the amount of dust and dirt that Los Angeles air brings into a household alongside being a two pet household was enough to make it evident that the shag's best days were long gone and it was an opportune time to sell it at a yard sale and upgrade to something nicer.

That something nicer came way of FLOR and Martha Stewart. Upon first site, we fell in love with the Faux Bois pattern rug tiles. A light Bisque Reed design complements our lighter pieces, while providing a little bit of textural interest where our previous rug was yet another solid element. Half the fun was piecing together the texture like a large jigsaw puzzle (okay, this was more fun for Emily...I just wanted to put it altogether right away).

Eames lazily approves of the flooring update; the new rug has quickly become a favourite spot to doze off upon (the cats, not us!).

The FLOR rugs also do a good job of hiding a flat HDMI wires that runs from the overhead projector down to underneath the couch, underneath the rug and over to the entertainment center. Both cats immediately took a liking to it, so only time will tell how this particular design holds up to their feline affinity to scratch. But it's already proven to be very easy to clean using our standard Hoover canister vacuum, and it's also been a nice surface to workout upon daily (Emily and I have recently embarked on that Shaun T Insanity program, so each evening we're prancing and sweating like two fools upon the rug). I also like the subtle connection between the faux bois pattern on the floor and the similar pattern in my home office, on my desk.

Overall, we're very pleased with the new FLOR tiles and how the new pattern has revived the space with enough character that the room looks updated. Of course buying new furniture or painting the walls would result in a more dramatic change, but if you're looking for a more modest and affordable change, look down instead of up like we did.

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