A Small House Renovation That Does It Right

Hard to believe, but before the renovation began this home was slated for demolition. Thankfully it was saved and has been redone the right way. Lovely spaces with beautiful finishes, lots of natural light and areas that take advantage of outdoor living areas make this small house remodel a winner.

Almost every decision in this remodel was made to maximize the light within the space,

New oversize windows and skylights invite in the sunshine. Walls are painted a light-bouncing white, while white ceramic subway tiles brighten the kitchen.. For contrast, the wooden floors are stained in a custom mix of ebony and dark walnut shades; the high-gloss polyurethane top coat reflects even more light.

The result is a home that retains the character of the original design while also injecting a modern and creative aesthetic. The use of the outdoor living areas increases the usable space dramatically and makes the home more dynamic and livable.

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(Images: inspiracionline)