A Green Solution to Those Pesky Moving Boxes

A Green Solution to Those Pesky Moving Boxes

Jess Watson
Oct 23, 2009

Moving is near the top of my "Things I Hate to Do" list right behind the arduous weekly trek to and from the laundromat. The excitement of a new abode is often subdued by the packing and unpacking, lifting and loading, and the boxes, oh those boxes. If only there was something to make this process a little less frustrating and a little more green...

Bring ZippGo into your moving equation to deal with that box issue. Founded by a former manager of an organic grocery home delivery company, ZippGo aims to stop the usage of cardboard boxes during residential moves.

Using 100% consumer recycled plastic, each of ZippGo's reusable moving boxes can be used 400 times in turn saving 400 cardboard boxes and 4 trees during its lifetime. Boxes are delivered to your home a week before your move and picked up a week after by trucks powered with 100% recycled waste vegetable oil. Even better, renting ZippGo boxes is actually cheaper than buying the cardboard alternative. They have recycled, reusable packing supplies and wardrobe boxes available as well.

ZippGo is currently available in 64 Bay Area cities with rates starting as low as $119 for the one bedroom apartment package. This almost makes me eager to start planning my next move...almost.

(Image credit: Moving boxes by karensmonsters / Creative Commons)

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