A Sprightly Shared Bedroom for Three

updated May 4, 2019
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Name: Atticus (4), Eleanor (3), & Ike (1)
Location: London, UK

We recently moved into a larger home and though we now have the space for each of our children to have his or her own room, we decided to keep them all together. They would be lost without each other – as it is they get upset if one wakes up late and the others aren’t there! We find that having them share a room makes them more sensitive to each other’s needs in general and cements their relationship with one another.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love the high ceilings, white walls, and bright windows in the space – it was kind a perfect blank canvas to begin with. We’ve kept the color palette bright – and gender neutral in the sense that any color goes.

We wanted to create a room where they could play, read, relax, and get crazy and created zones where they can do each of those things – the table, under bunk area, and trampoline.


Their furniture is primarily from IKEA, which is functional and kid friendly in terms of budget and simplicity. We liven this up with colorful handmade accessories.

We’ve put two IKEA KURA bunks in the corner which lets them sleep close to one another (they always end up at the edge of the beds, with limbs spilling over into the other’s bed), and makes for a nice big crawl space underneath.

The IKEA cubby shelf also keeps things easily stored and out of sight which is key for keeping the room tidy and clutter free.

We regularly cull their belongings so as to keep things under control and try to focus on one toy/activity every few days by bringing it out and putting it on the little table in their room. If it doesn’t fit in their dresser or bookshelf, it’s out!

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