A Still-Flexible Alternative To Plastic Freezer Bags, Tin Foil?

A Still-Flexible Alternative To Plastic Freezer Bags, Tin Foil?

Cambria Bold
Jun 15, 2011

Q: I've been trying to reduce plastic for some time now. I'm worried about health issues but it's also the waste issue that worries me. However, I've still kept those plastic items that I already had. (I thought that throwing it away would only be to make more garbage.) For example, I use plastic (Tupperware) for the freezer, and also freezer bags for pre-steam-cooked veggies or sauces/jam, pizza dough, etc. I was about to buy some Pyrex with lid last week when I suddenly realized the lid was plastic. So, my questions: What's an eco-friendly and nice substitute for plastic freezer bags that are still manageable and mouldable? And what about a still-mouldable eco-friendly substitute for foil?

...Also, when we keep jars to reuse, don't the caps lose their properties? Should we only hand wash them? And I've seen stainless steel used for lunchboxes but these aren't that eco-friendly, are they?

P.S. It's so hard to convince my family not to present me with Tupperware and other plastic related products. Last week my mother-in-law gave me two bottles of The Body Shop's eco-friendly shower gel. I only use soap but she was so happy to give me something eco-friendly that I just said a happy thank you!

Asked by Sandra

Editor: Sandra, we've written a few posts on the subject which would be a good place to start:

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Also check out this post from The Simple, Green, Frugal Co-Op on alternatives to plastic wrap and other disposable kitchen products.

Readers, what do you do in your home? Do you have other suggestions for Sandra?

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