A Sudden Lack Of Privacy: How Do You Handle It?

A Sudden Lack Of Privacy: How Do You Handle It?

Tess Wilson
May 28, 2013

I finally had a chance to walk the High Line this week, and it exceeded my high expectations. I couldn't help but notice, however, the people whose ordinary-looking apartments were now mere feet from a pedestrian highway. And it's not like we were trying to look in their windows, but we were there to gaze. Shooting star flowers! Beautiful grasses! Some dude making coffee!

Has your home life ever been changed in such a dramatic way? Suddenly there's a new building right against yours? Or maybe your formerly quiet street is now a destination, with nonstop passers-by able to see what you're up to? A construction crew has started a new project, and you basically live on the job site? How did you deal with it?

Curtains are an obvious solution, but daylight is a precious thing, and I get very claustrophobic with the curtains drawn. I think my ideal would be to replace my windows with one-way mirrors, although that wouldn't help me at night when it's dark outside and bright inside. It probably wouldn't be practical for other reasons as well...

So what do you do? Move? Adjust your hours so you're most active when there are the fewest observers? Or just get really comfortable with hundreds of strangers seeing you in your underpants? 

(Image: Flick user David Berkowitz licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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