A Tail of DIY Doves and Desks: A Work Surface in LA2

A Tail of DIY Doves and Desks: A Work Surface in LA2

Jan 8, 2010

Desks are a lot like cars- very personal and built for very specific needs. The desk I've built is not meant to hold anything other than what I am doing at any given time. I have no interest in pencil holders and staplers and other stuff being in my field of view while I work… the internet is distracting enough. See the continuation from last time after the jump.

So after cutting this table out at home, I needed to get it to the office- no easy task. I put the seat down in the back of my Ferrari and slid it in. On my way downtown I stopped at a local Military surplus store that I knew had some casters and picked up four. When I arrived, I screwed the wheels into the huge slab and used it like a dolly to get all my supplies inside- the parking spot is almost a quarter mile from the office… ugh.

I had some filing to do to get the two parts to fit together but eventually they did. I glued everything up and practically ruined a few clamps tightening it all together. Tick tock and all was dry.

I really loved the look of the dovetails sticking out (you may have seen that last time.) and felt it would make a nice detail for the room, but in the end I really wanted to have a laser sharp assemblage of planes with the dovetails being a reward for close inspection.

I pulled out my Japanese dovetail saw and went back to work. A few passes with wood filler to take care of some minor gaps and hand sanding brought everything flush.

Now I was faced with my next dilemma. I had originally thought I wanted a black desk but seeing the natural wood in all its glory was very compelling. I think what made me go ahead and stain it was the fact that all of those pieces of wood that make up the butcher block were just a little busy. Not too bad, but enough to tip the scale.

I left a little IKEA logo on the underside of the desk to confuse people, but otherwise, the whole thing is stained and looks great. I am super happy with this project- it is rare that I feel good after completing something like this but I feel fantastic.

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