October is…Lots of color (and some creepy candles)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A taste of Halloween for the dining room. We popped in a friend’s for just a minute and we had to snap a picture – these bone candles in the chandelier looked amazing.

Creepy and hilarious, they’re perfect for halloween and are functional, a rarity when it comes to holiday decor. She said she picked them up at Target.

Here at AT:Chicago things are zooming along with the Fall Colors Contest. We’ll continue posting entries through the end of the month and hopefully you’ll be gathering ideas for your own place, noting down great paint colors and voting for your favorites. As we enter November, it’s on to the finals; our judges are introduced and we’ll all get to see more pictures from the twelve finalists – we can’t wait.

Mixed in with the contest entries, Heather and I will continue to post the usual AT mix so please feel free to send us your questions, photos, ideas and suggestions. Our email box is starting to recover from the contest entry submissions and we’d like to hear from you.