A Teeny-Tiny Art Studio in Asheville

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(Image credit: Faith of Faith Loves Art)

Name & Location: Faith in Asheville, North Carolina
My Favorite Room: Art Studio
Specs: 10 square feet, owned

We live in a one-room home, so instead of showing you my favorite room, I’m showing you my favorite spot: my teeny tiny art studio.

A little background: I used to work on large canvases like the one over the adjacent sofa. When I recently came down with Grave’s Disease, I found that I no longer had the energy to work on big paintings, and getting up to my studio in our attic seemed like a big deal, but I was determined to keep painting. I decided to switch media and work on smaller watercolors. My husband installed this desk in one corner, and it is perfect.

(Image credit: Faith of Faith Loves Art)

The desk is always ready for me, so I can paint whenever inspiration strikes. The adjacent window means I always have light for working. When I want to paint at night, the lamp to the right of the desk swivels to light up my art. There’s also plenty of foot room, so I can keep spare supplies and reference books on the floor within easy reach. I can fold the desk down if I ever want to paint at an easel instead.

(Image credit: Faith of Faith Loves Art)

I cut out the roses from old books and taped them around the mirror, and I love them even more than I expected. They bring in a funky element that I really like. They also helped inspire a whole new direction for my paintings.

(Image credit: Faith of Faith Loves Art)

The mirror itself has many uses. For one thing, it reflects the natural light into the room and makes it look bigger, which is really helpful because our home only has one wall of windows. Due to the natural light, it’s a great spot to put on makeup, so this desk doubles as my vanity table. It’s also near the main entrance, so it gives you a chance to check your look one last time before leaving home.

(Image credit: Faith of Faith Loves Art)

The mirror also makes this desk nicer to use. I don’t usually like to work facing a wall with my back to a room, but I can glance in the mirror and see what’s behind me. Plus, if I want to do a self-portrait, my model is always right there.

Our whole living space is only 600 square feet, so there wasn’t a lot of space to work with, but when you sit at my new desk it actually feels quite roomy. I wish I’d thought of this years ago!


  • Paintings: These are all mine.
  • Desk: My husband, who is a handyman, was commissioned to build a set of shelves in a client’s kitchen. The shelves replaced this desk, which she gave to him. I think it’s the IKEA Norbo. It looks they don’t sell the Norbo any more, but you can get a similar desk from Furrino.
  • Mirror: My husband salvaged this from a discarded sliding bathtub door. He ripped off the brass frame, then mounted the mirror to the wall using two pieces of scrap wood.
  • Lamp and blue chair: We’ve had these forever.
  • Rose cut-outs: I trolled through the local library’s book sales and found old books with great images.
  • Felt flower: Bought a long time ago at a local art show.
  • Wall color: Unknown; we painted it years ago. It’s slightly green.
  • Trim on window: Locally sourced hemlock.
  • Sources for the rest of the living room: Green sofa: Yard sale.
  • Red blanket on sofa: Local “Junk Shop.” It appears to be hand-woven and colored with natural dye.
  • Pillows: Thrifted. (I wash them or leave them in the sunshine to air out.) The red one seems to be made from a handwoven wool rug.
  • Coffee table: My husband made this from wood salvaged from an old General Store.
  • Ceramic planter (visible in mirror): Wood-fired pottery made by a good friend.
  • Macrame planters (visible in mirror): Thrifted.

Thanks, Faith!