A Treadmill that Lets Your Run in Zero Gravity

A Treadmill that Lets Your Run in Zero Gravity

Sonia Zjawinski
Oct 27, 2009

alter-g-sz-102709.jpg You know, the last time we were at the gym, pounding the revolving mat on our treadmill, we thought, if only we were running in zero G!

Ok, we weren't, but if we were there's a product for that and it actually has some really great health benefits...

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill creates air pressure strong enough to hold up a 400-pound behemoth. Using differential air pressure around your lower body to lift you up, it lets you move around in 20%-G or any variation between that and normal gravity. via DVICE

Why does this exist? Well, there's actually a good reason. Being able to work your limbs and joints is a major part of injury recovery, but just your body weight can aggravate an injury, so how are you supposed to get your heart rate up without re-injurying yourself?

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill lets someone work out without putting pressure on joints or injured limbs. This is a huge benefit for people recovering from leg injuries or people who have trouble walking due to diabetes or other debilitating diseases.

This model costs about $24,500. Yah, but guess what? There's an even more expensive model already in use by "half of the NBA, many NFL teams and 22 well-heeled collegiate athletic programs."

Sure the majority of us can't afford to get one of these for our home, but this less expensive model may soon allow your local gym, injury rehab center, or even retirement home to offer a way for those who have a hard time working out to get back into shape.

(Image: Alter-G)

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