Wall Mounting & Charging Solutions for iOS Devices

Wall Mounting & Charging Solutions for iOS Devices

Range Govindan
Apr 9, 2012

There are so many great projects that are seeking funding on Kickstarter that it's not always easy to find the really good ones. These two that we've selected will appeal to users who have iOS devices and even those who don't. From what we've seen, these projects will most definitely get made. Read on to find out more.

JuiceTank iPhone Case and Charger
It's a given that if you use your iPhone a lot, you'll end up needing a power-up at some point in the day. It's happened to us a couple of times, and we were lucky to have access to a laptop to charge up our iPhone, but that doesn't always happen. One good thing about the iPhone 4S is that it charges up pretty quickly, and within 10 to 30 minutes, you'll probably have enough power to get going. The JuiceTank iPhone Case is smartly designed since it integrates a charger plug right into the case, meaning that you can charge up your iPhone simply by extending the automated plugs and popping into any power socket.

You'll have to pledge $40 to get your JuiceTank. At the time of writing, the project had already amassed $50,000 out of a desired $125,000. There are 38 days left for funding.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 and 4S costs $79.95, comes in black, white or red, and doubles as a case for your iPhone. It will add six hours of talk time or web browsing to your iPhone, which basically doubles the length of time that you can use your phone. That's a significant amount of time, and we like how compact this solution is. It's barely bigger than a standard case.

The Ledge Wall Mount for iPhone and iPad
If you've ever wanted a decent, minimal wall mount for your tablet, then The Ledge is the one you need. It's very cleanly designed and milled out of a solid piece of aluminum, with a groove notched into it. There is a smaller version available for iPhones, and a larger version for iPads and tablets.

To get the iPhone version, you'll have to pledge $25 while you'll have to give $50 to get the iPad version. You can spend more to get custom colors or family packs. At the time of writing, the project had $2,000 out of a goal of $25,000 with 41 days left.

If you need to wall mount your iPad right now, you can check out The Wallee. We like how flexible this solution is, because it will work in your car and on your wall. It sells for $42 and you can get it right now. We like how it doubles as a case.

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