A Week Without Garbage ReadyMade

A Week Without Garbage ReadyMade

Emily Han
Oct 16, 2009

We've blogged about the Green Garbage Project, one couple's attempt to live for an entire year without throwing anything away. While their endeavor is certainly admirable, it's not something most of us would – or could – emulate. But how about a week? ReadyMade just gave it a try...

ReadyMade editor Caitlin Thornton took the "Week Without" challenge this past week, and the focus was garbage:

This week, I'm ignoring my garbage cans. I'm going to attempt to live this one without trash. I'll avoid disposing of anything that will make it to the landfill, but I feel the inevitable Fail looming over me and I realize I will end up with some goods (or bads?) by the end of the week. In that case, I'll keep whatever trash comes into my life. And I'll let it haunt me by carrying it around.

Over the next several days, Thornton blogged about her experiences with eating lunch on the go, spilling coffee, and tackling an apple core. She became conscious of little things, like Q-Tips and chewing gum. She even visited a local landfill to learn more.

Thornton's account has inspired us to do something similar. Although we consider ourselves eco-minded, we wonder what "little" things an exercise like this might teach us to be more mindful of. How much do we throw away on a weekly basis? Where could we make additional changes in our lives?

Read Caitlin's blog posts:
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(Image: Flickr member D'Arcy Norman licensed under Creative Commons)

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