A Welcoming Loo: Greening the Guest Bathroom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whether you’re expecting your in-laws (like we are!) or a posse of holiday hipsters (or maybe they’re one and the same), the guest bathroom should be in prime condition for your upcoming soirees. Here are a few eco-friendly accessories and tips we’ve gathered to make it more welcoming and comfortable in there.

To start things off, employ toxin-free cleaners (namely vinegar, which does a bang-up job on mirrors and glass) to prepare your bathroom for guests. An extra-thorough bathroom cleaning will rid the place of germs, for sure, but more importantly make your guests feel welcome, even in the loo.

Keep it smelling fresh and offer guests a little ambient light by lighting some all-natural candles. Nothing’s more welcoming in a guest bathroom than a nice scent, whether you’re having one guest over or many.

While the fibers may not be noticed, it’s a good idea to hang organic cotton towels for guests to dry their hands (and while you’re at it, offer them chemical-free hand soaps).

And, for good measure, how about a bathroom-friendly plant for added green (and guest-friendly) impact?

Have any other green bathroom tips? Do share!

(Image: Living, Etc.)