A Whimsical Gyspy Wagon

Having built this great wagon themselves, Peter and Donna Thomas use it as a traveling temporary home and space to sell their handmade books from. Complete with all of the necessities, this trailer must make drivers do a double take when it passes by on the highway! Find out more beyond the jump.

As book artists, Peter and Donna are creative minds that are perfectly at home in this fun space. The wagon looks like it jumped right out of one of the books they artfully craft and reflects the handmade nature of the tiny mobile home.

As the folks over at Tiny House Blog describe:

The entire trailer weighs 3,800 pounds and it took them three years to build. The rafters were made with laminated pine boards and the floor with locally milled sugar pine. It is insulated, contains a small kitchen and electricity. They have a camping toilet in the closet and a solar shower that they keep in their tow vehicle, but the couple usually use campgrounds, friendly locals and universities for their bathing.

Check out this cool wagon over at Tiny House Blog.

(Images: Tiny House Blog)