A Willy Wonka Party

This was a Willy Wonka themed baby shower- but we think there are some great ideas in here for a child’s birthday party- think Candyland or candy bar themes. For example, check out these balloons wrapped in cellophane like giant candies on the ceiling.

One thing to note about the cellophane wrapped balloons- Allison says the helium balloons sunk once they had the cellophane on them so they held them up with one piece of tape. You can probably just use regular balloons.

Allison made the lollipop tree out of paper mache. The chocolate fountain was an inexpensive purchase from Oriental Trading Company that she plans on reusing for her daughter’s birthday parties in the future. As guests were leaving, they received a cellophane bag to “shop for” the candy they wanted to take home.

Some really fun ideas for a child’s birthday. Thanks Allison.