A Wood Reference Guide: I.D. Wood iPhone App

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Calling all you woodworkers, cabinet makers, designers, artists, hobbyists, and homeowners: the I.D. Wood iPhone app is a handy new app that gives you full screen samples and detailed information for over 50 different woods, including (most importantly) a sustainability rating to indicate the status of the woods in the database, and whether they’re threatened, secure, etc…

The app also lists the main countries where the wood is found and/or harvested. The app’s features include a wood glossary of over 70 terms, illustrations of lumber cutting techniques, dimensional lumber conversions, a thickness measuring screen, and a nail size reference. Each wood entry also includes:

• Species Names
• Botanical Names
• Other Names
• Wood Origins
• Wood Descriptions
• Woodworking Properties
• Common Uses
• Durability
• Sustainability

Sounds cool. Anyone tried this app? Read more about it here. It’s currently available for $2.99, and so far it has a solid 5 star review from everyone that’s rated it in the App store.

Thanks, Jordan!