Abigail's January Cure: My First Week

Abigail's January Cure: My First Week

Abby Stone
Jan 11, 2013

I have plans to renovate this closet to hold office supplies instead of an ironing board.

Okay, let me say right up front that I cheated. I've been sitting around the house for the last 7 weeks, housebound because of a broken foot. That gives a person a lot of time to think about what they want to do in their house. I've been planning this attack on my house since November, so I got a bit of a jumpstart on the rest of you.

Day 1: Make a list of projects.
When you're forced to sit on your butt day in and day out, on your doctor's strict order to rest and keep your foot up, everything that has ever annoyed you about your house becomes magnified. I couldn't wait to jump, literally and figuratively, into tackling the to-do list. I'm sharing the list of what I'm hoping to accomplish this month, although I'm limited by when I'll be able to stand on my own two feet and drive.

The black piece will go (hands up if you want it) and, though I've contemplated a full-on fauxdenza, I don't want to push my DIY skills. Ikea's Besta Burs in white will be a good substitute.

Entryway / Living room
1. Declutter the entry and rethink my landing strip
2. Donate TV console (above) and replace it with a fauxdenza.
3. Hang TV
4. Clean out coat / junk closet

Dining Room / Kitchen
1. Retrofit ironing board closet to hold office supplies and files.
2. Paint dining room and kitchen
3. Replace kitchen screens

Hallway Closet
1. Deep clean closet and cull clothing

1. Replace window shade
2. Wash shower curtain
3. Replace towels

1. Donate dresser
2. Deep clean and paint room
3. Deep clean and paint closet and cull clothing

I've made futile attempts on this closet before. This time I'm bound and determined to tackle it once and for all.

A friend of mine lent me her clothing rack so I've already gotten a jump on culling the clothing in all of my closets. (Rather than just jump in and use the traditional, "if you haven't worn it in three years" dictum, I tackled what to keep and what to donate from a different perspective). I've also started in on renovating the ironing board closet; when my handyman came by to replace my window screens, he removed the ironing board mechanism from the closet. And, as luck would have it, my landlord has offered to paint my kitchen/dining room and my bedroom if I'll prep and buy the paint. It feels great to cross things off the to do list.

It feels good to rid myself of stuff.

Day 2: Set up an outbox.
I feel very embarrassed sharing this picture of the corner of my living room that I'm using as my outbox. It's morphed from an actual box into a monster that threatens to take over the whole room. I am tossing things into it that should've been removed from my home long ago. There are a lot of clothes (culling my closet is high on my list of priorities this month). I've even moved a piece of furniture and a rug that I no longer want in there. Now I've got to actually move it out. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until my doctor okays me driving, but I feel hopeful it'll all be out by Chinese New Year; I'm planning a party to celebrate!

Amidst the chaos, flowers are a reminder that life will eventually feel sane again

Day 3: Buy flowers, clean floors and buy green cleaners.
I didn't have to buy myself flowers; a friend brought some by when she came to visit this week. Not only do they look beautiful, they smell amazing. Unfortunately, things like vacuuming and mopping will have to wait until I'm back on my feet. Cleaning and laundry are, surprisingly, two things I can't wait to do. That's something I certainly never thought I'd ever hear myself say! I already use earth-friendly cleaners; I've been using Mrs. Meyers; products in lavender for ages. Recently, I branched out and bought the basil scent. An old wives' tale suggests that basil attracts money, so we'll see what happens. I also pulled out a candle I've been saving. Not sure what I had in mind, but I've decided to light it today in honor of a productive week.

(Images: Abigail Stone)

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