This Store Is a Cross Between the Container Store, IKEA, and Target

published Oct 20, 2018
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If you grew up or spent summers in New England, I’m guessing you’re familiar with Christmas Tree Shops. If you’re not… no, they don’t sell Christmas trees, and yes, they’re open year-round. Although the company has expanded since my childhood and now has locations in 18 states, there’s something purely “New England” about the store, and it’s one of my must-stop places whenever I go back to Massachusetts.

Don’t get me wrong—I love more high-end places like The Container Store, but sometimes it’s hard to justify spending real money on storage stuff for my kitchen. The Christmas Tree Shops’ tagline is “Don’t You Just Love a Bargain,” which should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this unique store.

In addition to endless aisles of knick-knacks, off-brand snack foods, and a seriously impressive amount of travel-sized toiletries, the Christmas Tree Shops is home to incredibly cheap storage solutions, kitchen wares, and tons of other stuff you didn’t know you needed. And unlike the Container Store or IKEA, Christmas Tree is really a one-stop shop. Kind of like Target. You can get home decor, small appliances, cleaning supplies, spices, beauty products, and so much more… all under one roof.

Before you get overwhelmed, check out some of the best deals I recently found at the Christmas Tree Shops.

  1. Cake Pans with Covers, $10 for a set of two: Whether there’s a tray of brownies or a sheet cake hiding under those lids, these covered pans make it super easy to transport dessert to any event. And since you’re serving right out of the pan you baked in, there are even fewer dishes to wash!
  2. Black Heavy-Duty Ventilated Shelving, $30: I bought this utility shelving unit for the hall closet in my last apartment to create a makeshift pantry. It was perfect for storing bulk groceries, underused kitchen equipment (looking at you, stand mixer), cleaning supplies, winter boots, and other practical (but unsightly) items. It’s not the prettiest shelving unit in the world, but it’s sturdy and does the job. And best of all, it’s less than $30! Similar units at The Container Store are upwards of $50.
  3. White Covered Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $20: One-pot meals are hotter than ever (pun intended!), and this is a wallet-friendly way to add a Dutch oven to your kitchen collection. This version is way cheaper than anything Le Creuset makes, and just as chic.
  4. Nonstick Oven Liners, $12 for two: Not-so-glamorous, but oh-so-necessary. I can never find oven liners this cheap anywhere else, so I always make sure to grab an extra when I get to make a trip to the CTS.
  5. Cotton Tablecloths, from $8: My mom has been buying tablecloths at Christmas Tree for years. They’re usually around eight dollars, and the stores get super cute (albeit slightly tacky) designs around every major holiday. They also always have lots of coastal, beachy designs, perfect for the end of the summer.
  6. Mango Wood & Marble Serving Board, $13: Splurge on some fancy cheese to display on this bargain board—nobody will ever guess you scored it for less than 15 bucks.
  7. Caramel Scroll Cushioned Floor Mat, $13: Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? We know you do. This cushioned floor mat is a lifesaver for all those hours spent standing over the stove, or washing dishes at the sink. Plus, the neutral color goes with just about any decor scheme.
  8. Gold Hammered Beverage Bucket, $20: This is sold as a beverage bucket, but I definitely think it can be a multipurpose item. It’s so pretty! Fill it up with ice and some bottled drinks for your next party, or use it to store winter accessories by your entryway or extra blankets in your living room.

Have you been to the Christmas Tree Shops? What sorts of scores have you found there?

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