11 Products (From $13!) That Will Solve All Your Short People Problems

published Aug 13, 2019
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When you’re a little (or a lot) on the shorter side, you become used to needing some extra help reaching things in high places. After all, standing on your tippy toes will only get you so far when you’ve got short legs and a tall apartment. For some of us, grabbing that giant box of winter blankets at the very top of the linen closet can become a serious physical feat. And reaching that stack of dishes way up high in the cabinet? Well, that can run the very risk of ending in disaster.

There’s no getting around it: When you’re vertically challenged, the struggle is real. But sometimes, keeping a few handy things around the house will make everyday tasks a little easier. (And no, I’m not just talking about getting a taller partner—though, honestly, that’s not such a bad idea.)

Here are a few stylish, accessible essentials you might want to pick up for yourself, or gift to a short friend in need.

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A compact step stool is honestly a must for any home, no matter how tall you are. But for short people, it can kind of be a lifesaver. This 13-inch-tall one is lightweight and easy to fold, with non-skid spots on top that’ll ensure you stay in place while you’re on it. If your apartment is especially challenging, height-wise, opt for the 18-inch-tall version.

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Swivel Seat Cushion, $39 at Amazon

Warning: You might actually have too much fun with this one. This firm, 2-inch-tall cushion relieves pressure on your lower back, and makes it easier to get in and out of any seated position. But it also gives you a boost at the table or in the car if you need one, which can come in handy for anyone with a shorter torso. If you don’t love the look of it, you can buy a $10 faux sheepskin to cover it up and elevate your situation—literally.

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If owning a portable seat cushion makes you feel older than your years, a height-adjustable ergonomic chair might be a better bet. It’ll solve any backaches or other discomforts you might be having if you’re sitting long hours at a desk, and help you type comfortably at any desk or table that might feel a bit out of reach for you in a standard chair. Aside from its adjustable seat and armrests, this one comes with a mesh back, passive lumbar support, a 360-degree swivel, and a built-in padded seat cushion. Choose from one of seven colors.

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Even if you’ve watched every episode of “Tidying Up” and fully KonMari’ed your life, chances are you still have one teeny tiny problem: you can’t actually get to all of the stuff you’ve stored in those hard-to-reach parts of your closet. Enter: the expanding wardrobe lift. This clever storage solution keeps shirts, pants, and other clothing neatly organized and out of the way, but has a pull-down feature so you can actually get to it. The main hanging rod is telescopic so it can be fitted to closets and wardrobes from 35 inches to 48 inches wide.

Credit: IKEA

ALSEDA Woven Stool, $29.99 at IKEA

This stylish ottoman is perfect for leaving in front of the couch or right by your favorite chair while you’re watching TV, providing a comfy place for your dangling legs to rest. Use one if you just need a foot rest, or stack two together to really put your feet up. Plus, its laid-back and neutral style works with pretty much any decor you have—the ALSEDA stool is an IKEA must-have according to interior designers.

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Speaking of dangling legs, having a height-adjustable desk chair is great, but you’ll need a place for your feet to go if you’re raising your chair any higher. This ergonomic foot rest is the perfect resting place for your feet, while improving your posture at the same time. If you like the look of this one but not the price, check out similar options from IKEA and Bed Bath and Beyond (the latter is actually a nursing stool!).

Teak Step Stool, $128 at Serena & Lily

Hopping into a palatial bed might feel amazing for most people, but when you’ve got short legs, climbing into one can sometimes feel like climbing up Mt. Everest. A bedroom step stool will make things easier, and also come in handy if you have small pets who need some help, too. This teak one is gorgeous enough to leave out around the clock, but we also love this more affordable (but still beautiful) step stool from Crate&kids.

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A dual shower head is pretty sweet even if you’re tall. But for short peeps, the removable hose portion will make rinsing off even easier, since you can better control the flow of water and literally put yourself closer to the source. This combo is great even for renters, and can be hung up in place of any basic shower head—no plumber (or even a drill!) needed, as it installs with just three hand-tighten connections.

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Yaquina Pivot Mirror, $395 at Rejuvenation

If all you can see in your bathroom mirror is the tippy top of your head, invest in a fixture that can tilt down and give you a better view when you’re getting ready in the morning. This framed Rejuvenation find is pricey, but it offers an impressive 3-¼ inch projection, so you have a wide range of motion to tilt it down. If you don’t need as much clearance and don’t care about the frame, you can find similar tilting mirrors on Amazon for closer to $100.

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When you’re running around the kitchen busily making dinner, it can be a real pain to discover the one ingredient you’re missing is way out of reach on the top shelf. A good step stool will definitely give you a lift when you need it, but if you really want to take things to the next level (in other words: make things more convenient than you ever knew possible), installing pull-down shelves will help you quickly access everything in your kitchen with ease.

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Vive Reacher Grabber, $13 at Amazon

No need to stand on your tippy toes. When all else fails, this convenient 32-inch tool will help you get things from hard-to-reach places. (And let’s be honest, it’s also just kinda fun to use!) If you require a bit of extra grip, there are also versions with suction cups, and if you want something you can tote around outside the house, this one folds up into a compact shape.